Take a look at some of our recent projects...


Focal Point Tulsa

Focal Point Tulsa is a faith-based organization that seeks to help members of the business community find balance, focus, & direction in a rapidly changing world. They utilize small groups, professional seminars, & mentoring to help professional people “make the rest of their life, the best of their life.” We partnered with Focal Point Tulsa to build a podcast & content management solution for their online presence.


Harwelden Mansion

The Harwelden Mansion is a beautiful & historic mansion just south of downtown Tulsa. The Harwelden hosts dozens of A-list events each year, & it is considered one of the premier wedding venues in Oklahoma. We worked with Harwelden to create both a logo & a website that reflected the elegant style of the mansion.


Odyssey Ministries

Odyssey Ministries is a an orphan care facility located on a horse ranch on the plains of North Dakota. They asked us to craft a logo that captures both the uniqueness of their wilderness setting as well as their focus on helping kids without families understand their worth.

We were proud to have an opportunity to work with Odyssey, and they loved their new logo.


Midtown Community Church

Doxa Creative began as the design arm of Doxa Church, which recently merged with two other churches to become Midtown Community Church. We have done all of the creative work for the church since its inception. Our work for Midtown includes logo & website design, numerous print pieces, dozens of sermon graphics, & many other creative projects.


4.0 Advisors

4.0 Advisors are an insurance company in Minnetonka, MN. They specialize in liability insurance for educational institutions. We worked with 4.0 Advisors to create a logo that embodied their sophistication & business acumen, & we were all pleased with the final product.


Riverwalk Movies

The Riverwalk Movie theater in Jenks, OK was a longstanding client of ours. Though they recently closed shop, we were proud to have partnered with them on a number of creative projects.


Arise Church

Arise Church is a new church plant in Boulder, CO. We worked with them on a branding package that included both a logo & a starter website that would serve as the front door to their ministry in the time leading up to their church launch. Their site included a significant blogging feature & an integrated fundraising solution. This was a really fun project to work on, & we wish these guys the best as they seek to launch their new ministry.


Project Doxa

Project Doxa is the missionary arm of Midtown Community Church in Tulsa, OK. Project Doxa facilitates short-term missionary ventures around the globe. They currently have active projects in Romania, India, Zambia, & Bolivia. We are proud to have the chance to partner with Project Doxa for all of their creative projects.


Healing Hands of Joy

Healing Hands of Joy is a community based, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization committed to improving the lives of women who have suffered from obstetric fistula and preventing more women from developing fistula. Healing Hands of Joy’s work in the developing world is literally life altering, & we couldn’t be more proud to have had the opportunity to refresh their logo & design their new website.


Cap Tulsa

Cap Tulsa is the largest anti-poverty agency in our home base of Tulsa, OK. Their work empowering low-income families with educational tools is currently serving as a model for many cities across the nation. Cap Tulsa contracted us to create their new “Teachable Moments Blog.” We provided them a beautiful layout & a sophisticated backend solution that seamlessly integrates within the theme & structure of their existing website.


Adventure Learning Ministries

Adventure Learning Ministries is one of our most interesting clients. Located on remote Copper Island off the coast of British Columbia, Adventure Learning Minstries utilizes their rugged & isolated setting as a creative tool for Christian discipleship. We worked with ALM to create both a logo & a website that captured their unique setting in the majestic Pacific Northwest.


Accel Property Management

Accel Property Management & Investments is one of the premier rental property companies in South Texas. We worked with Accel to create a new logo & website to rebrand their business. In addition to a beautiful & clean site design, we built a robust backend solution capable of managing their more than 100 rental properties.


Hammons Helping Hands

Hammons Helping Hands is a charitable endeavor of John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts. John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts is the largest private independent hotel owner & management company in the United States, with 78 hotels in 24 states. We were contracted by John Q. Hammons to create a new logo for one of their charities that utilized the existing branding scheme of the company. We were all pleased with the final project.


Magnolia Baptist Church

Magnolia Baptist Church is a small Southern Baptist church in Crawford, OK. They contracted us to design a new logo & some assorted print materials for their church.


Pafford, Lawrence, & Ross

Pafford, Lawrence, & Ross are a legal firm with offices in both Lynchburg, VA & Washington D.C. Pafford, Lawrence, & Ross contracted us to design a logo & website, as well as some some print materials for their firm.


Operation K9

Operation K-9 is one of our most unique clients. They are a non-profit organization that utilizes trained service dogs to help veterans overcome PTSD & other post-war struggles. They came to us in search of a new website, & we were excited to partner with them.


10-4 Financing

10-4 Financing is a commercial lending company in our home town of Tulsa, OK. 10-4 specializes in helping long haul truckers and fleet managers finance new trucks. We worked with 10-4 to created a logo in the style of a truck emblem, & a website that could serve as the online portal for all new financing applications.


Oklahoma Church Planting

Oklahoma Church Planting is the church planting arm of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. We were privileged to get to partner with them to create a logo & website for this aspect of their ministry. The site includes a robust backend solution to accommodate dozens of contributors & an extensive resource repository.


Bios Corp.

Bios Corp. is a non-profit organization headquartered in Sapulpa, OK, which is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Bios Corp. contracted us to design a website that would blend with their existing logo, branding, & color scheme, & we were excited to have the opportunity to partner with an organization with such a lofty mission.